Race: Why nobody wants to talk about it.

It seems to be human nature to have uncomfortable conversations. Everyone wants to avoid possible confrontation, arguments, “drama”, anything that will lead to some sort of disagreement. There is a huge racial bias in this country that people of races choose to avoid addressing. The mass of White people like to ignore the race problem and act like everything is peaches and cream, everyone has equal everything. A large amount of minorities, especially if they have experienced a certain amount of success, like to ignore what is going on around them, because they have broken through and achieved in a country that is blatantly against them. In the chart above gives one of the simplest examples anyone could look at to use as evidence of the racial bias in this country. As of 2017 this country is 64 percent white, 16 percent Hispanic, and 12 percent Black, yet the prison population is 33 percent Black, 30 percent White, 23 percent Hispanic. Some may look at those numbers on the surface and proclaim that the numbers in prison look pretty even, and think that anyone that says otherwise is just crazy.

Analyzing the numbers is very simple. I think that people know exactly what it is but refuse to acknowledge the truth about it. How is it that this country has only 12 percent Black people but Black people has more inmates than White people who make up a staggering 64 percent of the country! Hispanics only make up 16 percent of the country, but makes up only 7 less percent of the prison population than White people. How is that not alarming to anyone? How is that not a huge problem to people? The only way to explain this logically without admitting to a racial bias is to say that the creator just made Black and Hispanic people with higher tendencies to commit crime. Naturally minorities are just worse people than White people. Is it me or does that sound pure asinine?

Black men are more likely to be killed by the police than white men and it is not even close. I’ve heard things like, Black people just need to comply, or Black people put themselves in position to get hurt because of how we act when being confronted by a police officer. That is such a cop out to what actually occurs. I have seen on many occasions where White people talk to crazy to the police, non compliant, disrespectful, but for some reason Blacks are more likely to be killed by the police 2.5-3 times more likely than our White counterparts. Hispanic men are more likely to be killed by the police than White men, and for some reason people continue to ignore those facts. Black people use less drugs than White people but are likely to be stopped and searched for drugs at a rate of 6 times! If that doesn’t scream racial inequality I don’t know what else to call it.

George Floyd is yet another Black mam victimized by this racist system. The man was begging for his life, on camera, with bystanders pleading with the police right with him. The crazy part that nobody is talking about, is those cops knew they were being recorded and continued to proceed with the murder of another Black man. Not a care in the world of being recorded, because they know the end result, based off of the history in this country of police getting slaps on the wrist for their sick, evil acts of racism. Firing police who do this is never the answer. People always want to talk about training, those officers aren’t trained properly and it’s the training. How long are we gonna use that excuse? If the training is so bad why hasn’t there been a change countrywide in the training of officers? With a lot of these officers getting off with justifiable homicide, or not even getting prosecuted at all, or just getting fired, that’s our system telling us and them, that they aren’t wrong for what they are doing. Terence Crutcher, Philando Castle, Samuel Dubose, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Tamora Rice, and Sandra Bland are a handful of high profile cases, where the officer was NOT convicted and served no jail time. That right there is telling us and them, it is ok to kill unarmed Black and Hispanic people, and there are no consequences. Please stop with the whole training is weak excuses, or all cops aren’t bad talk. Of course individually we can say every cop is bad, but the system that is overseeing all of the cops is definitely racially bias. No doubt about that. Until the system changes, we will continue to see this happening. George Floyd’s killers and yes I say killers, need major prison time and the death penalty. The man with his knee in his neck on camera needs the death penalty. He watched the man die with his hand in his pocket, listening to him say he couldn’t breath. That was very devilish, and his partners who watched, with the Asian cop constantly saying don’t do drugs kids, needs to be in prison for a very long time. We will wait to see what happens next but it is definitely time for Americans to stop ignoring the racial inequality all across the country and come together and change this collectively. It’s going to take more than just Hispanic and Black people coming together, it has to be White people that are against racism, because they have the numbers, Asians, and all other races out here for this to work. If not, one day there will be a lot of violent bloodshed because I cannot seeing this continuing to happen and the next generation just sitting protesting and complaining on social media. Get ready for a long uphill battle, but everyone strap up your boots and join us on the quest for equality in America.

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