PolitiKan The Podcast “Dame Time”


Does the addition of Damian Lillard make the Milwaukee Bucks the favorites in the East?

What is your NBA finals prediction?

Colin Kaepernick sent a letter to the New York Jets lobbying to be added to their practice squad. Thoughts?

The Game takes credit for Kendrick Lamar & Nipsey Hussle’s success in rant at a night club. Thoughts?

Tonight is the second Republican Nominee Debate, and Trump won’t be present due to his legality issues.

Do you think Trump will still win the Political Party’s nomination?

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Clip Gallery Below:

Kalum Vaughns & AmRock speaking about Colin Kaepernick
Alvin Speaking on his NBA finals prediction
AmRock speaking on his NBA predictions
Eugene & Kalum speaking on Colin Kaepernick
AmRock speaking on the Damian Lilard trade

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