Saturday, October 23rd, 2021



SHRINE LA OUTDOORSSUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21 Goldenvoice announced the inaugural Culture Jam Sports and Music Festival. The festival will take place Sunday November 21,2021 at the Shrine LA Outdoors in Los Angeles. This is an all ages event that requires either proof of full vaccination OR a negative COVID test taken 72 hours prior for all…

Riverside’s own YG Millie looks to make a difference

YG Millie has a current goal the mimics very few other artists trying to establish themselves in the music industry. He would like to help the youth more than anything. Be a source for peace, resources, or just an outlet for troubled youth. Along the way music is one of many talents YG MIllie possesses…

Da Baby Performs for the Royal Family of Dubai

All of this going on in the world today and we always ready to cancel somebody. Da Baby for instance. How many times has he done some outlandish madness and we’re ready to let him go?! Then he drops a banger and we forget. Just completely dont give a damn. From the Lil Nas X…

10 Black Shows You Should Be Watching

What’s up Gang! It’s been a minute but Im back like Bennet! Bedrest is a real thing and so it discovering new things to watch when you cant do anything or go anywhere. I spent 4-5 days on rest (doctors orders) and found a few interesting shows to watch to keep my entertained. THEM: 2….


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PolitiKan Broadcasting Network

We are proud to present to you all that the Politikan App courtesy of Politikan Broadcasting will  now be available on Apple TV and Roku. 

Apple TV is a digital media player and micro console developed and sold by the Apple  Corporation. Apple TV runs apps that are preinstalled and downloaded from their Apple Store with the  ability of streaming Live TV, movies, music and podcasts. As of June 2019, there have been over 53  million units sold worldwide and it is available at your local Walmart, Best Buys or online at Apple TV.  

With the Politikan App creating buzz on the Roku Platform, the partnership between Politikan  and Apple TV seemed inevitable and will create a new lane for news and entertainment while showcasing  black entrepreneurs and black ownership.  

Based in LA and with partnerships with talented individuals across the US, Politikan is primed to  become the new black lead in media. Founder Kalum Vaughns has previously referred to the partnerships  that Politikan has with various pod-casters, motivational speakers and musicians; as a “conglomerate”  with the expectation that each individual branch out and create their own lanes of success.  

Politikan Broadcasting wants to thank everyone who has been or more recently became a  follower and/ or subscriber of the Podcast or the App and we hope with this merger with Apple, we  attract more support and blessings from all markets.

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