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As we all know, Jhene and Mila J are successful artist in the music industry. They are 2 of five sisters in their family. Unfortunately their sister Miyagi passed away in 2012, but Jhene still manages to be a mother and maintain her fame life as well as Mila J as an Aunt.

Jhene and Mila J were both birthed in Los Angeles California Slauson Hills. Mila J has stated in her songs multiple times that she loves where she grew up, and raps about all the good memories she had.

Jhene said herself that she starting music at the age of 5. Of course she wasn’t really being serious, but she always had that taste for music since she was very young. She started off as a writer. She wrote essays, poems, diary, and journal entrees. It got to the point where she took everything that she wrote and turned it into a song. Jhene has multiple personalities that she puts in her songs, and that’s what is so special about her.

Both of these artist have also stated multiple times in their music that they smoke weed. Jhene was introduced to marijuana in her teenage years. She grew up as a teenage pothead. Now she claims that she doesn’t smoke as much because she needs to be productive and likes to be in her state of mind. Mila J on the other hand is all for it. She smokes all the time while Jhene smokes probably twice a month. Jhene rolls papers and Mila J rolls blunts.

Why did cannabis become illegal in the first place?

To be fair, weed had been rapidly hurtling towards prohibition for about a quarter of a century. The Marihuana Tax Act was the result of a campaign of lies and racism. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years but was always looked at as a harmful drug. So many people have been put in jail for many many years because of weed but for those who know, weed is more of a positive than a negative but society didn’t think so.

Marijuana has gotten a bad reputation over the years and many people consider it nothing more than a drug that gets people high. Though marijuana has been around for centuries, very few people understand it in its entirety. One of the major reasons why many people vocally support calls to ban marijuana are the number of myths and misunderstandings surrounding it. The good news is that this is changing!!!

Over the years, various studies conducted around the world have found multiple medical benefits from marijuana use and public opinion regarding marijuana has changed for the better over the last few years. The percentage of American adults who oppose marijuana legalization has sharply declined in recent years. Weed has so many great benefits, for the ill, for people fighting health issues and more and knowing now that it will be legal is what we’ve been waiting for! Stay tuned now because HNS is going to sex it up, let’s make cannabis sexy, cool and fun again!

Race: Why nobody wants to talk about it.

It seems to be human nature to have uncomfortable conversations. Everyone wants to avoid possible confrontation, arguments, “drama”, anything that will lead to some sort of disagreement. There is a huge racial bias in this country that people of races choose to avoid addressing. The mass of White people like to ignore the race problem and act like everything is peaches and cream, everyone has equal everything. A large amount of minorities, especially if they have experienced a certain amount of success, like to ignore what is going on around them, because they have broken through and achieved in a country that is blatantly against them. In the chart above gives one of the simplest examples anyone could look at to use as evidence of the racial bias in this country. As of 2017 this country is 64 percent white, 16 percent Hispanic, and 12 percent Black, yet the prison population is 33 percent Black, 30 percent White, 23 percent Hispanic. Some may look at those numbers on the surface and proclaim that the numbers in prison look pretty even, and think that anyone that says otherwise is just crazy.

Analyzing the numbers is very simple. I think that people know exactly what it is but refuse to acknowledge the truth about it. How is it that this country has only 12 percent Black people but Black people has more inmates than White people who make up a staggering 64 percent of the country! Hispanics only make up 16 percent of the country, but makes up only 7 less percent of the prison population than White people. How is that not alarming to anyone? How is that not a huge problem to people? The only way to explain this logically without admitting to a racial bias is to say that the creator just made Black and Hispanic people with higher tendencies to commit crime. Naturally minorities are just worse people than White people. Is it me or does that sound pure asinine?

Black men are more likely to be killed by the police than white men and it is not even close. I’ve heard things like, Black people just need to comply, or Black people put themselves in position to get hurt because of how we act when being confronted by a police officer. That is such a cop out to what actually occurs. I have seen on many occasions where White people talk to crazy to the police, non compliant, disrespectful, but for some reason Blacks are more likely to be killed by the police 2.5-3 times more likely than our White counterparts. Hispanic men are more likely to be killed by the police than White men, and for some reason people continue to ignore those facts. Black people use less drugs than White people but are likely to be stopped and searched for drugs at a rate of 6 times! If that doesn’t scream racial inequality I don’t know what else to call it.

George Floyd is yet another Black mam victimized by this racist system. The man was begging for his life, on camera, with bystanders pleading with the police right with him. The crazy part that nobody is talking about, is those cops knew they were being recorded and continued to proceed with the murder of another Black man. Not a care in the world of being recorded, because they know the end result, based off of the history in this country of police getting slaps on the wrist for their sick, evil acts of racism. Firing police who do this is never the answer. People always want to talk about training, those officers aren’t trained properly and it’s the training. How long are we gonna use that excuse? If the training is so bad why hasn’t there been a change countrywide in the training of officers? With a lot of these officers getting off with justifiable homicide, or not even getting prosecuted at all, or just getting fired, that’s our system telling us and them, that they aren’t wrong for what they are doing. Terence Crutcher, Philando Castle, Samuel Dubose, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Tamora Rice, and Sandra Bland are a handful of high profile cases, where the officer was NOT convicted and served no jail time. That right there is telling us and them, it is ok to kill unarmed Black and Hispanic people, and there are no consequences. Please stop with the whole training is weak excuses, or all cops aren’t bad talk. Of course individually we can say every cop is bad, but the system that is overseeing all of the cops is definitely racially bias. No doubt about that. Until the system changes, we will continue to see this happening. George Floyd’s killers and yes I say killers, need major prison time and the death penalty. The man with his knee in his neck on camera needs the death penalty. He watched the man die with his hand in his pocket, listening to him say he couldn’t breath. That was very devilish, and his partners who watched, with the Asian cop constantly saying don’t do drugs kids, needs to be in prison for a very long time. We will wait to see what happens next but it is definitely time for Americans to stop ignoring the racial inequality all across the country and come together and change this collectively. It’s going to take more than just Hispanic and Black people coming together, it has to be White people that are against racism, because they have the numbers, Asians, and all other races out here for this to work. If not, one day there will be a lot of violent bloodshed because I cannot seeing this continuing to happen and the next generation just sitting protesting and complaining on social media. Get ready for a long uphill battle, but everyone strap up your boots and join us on the quest for equality in America.

Big 3 this year?

Ice Cube has always been the type of individual to step out on faith, or try new things. From leaving his enigmatic rap group where he partnered with Easy E (Rest in Peace) And Dr. Dre, starting his solo career, to being one of the first rappers to star in a popular hood classic, “Boys in the Hood”, Cube has always been one to expand his brand and go into other ventures. From directing movies, producing movies, writing movies, Boys in The Hood as mention above, The classic Friday Trilogy, and now, The big 3.

It is a well known feeling that most rappers want to be basketball players and most basketball players want to be rappers. Ice Cube has went further and started his own professional basketball league. Of course he knew he couldn’t compete with the NBA, so he created a league that will feature retired or former NBA players, a genius move being that many NBA players end up playing too long and getting hurt because they cannot let the game go. On the flip side, NBA fans have players that are their favorite to watch. When your favorite player retires, you must face the reality that you don’t get to see them compete anymore. 3 on 3 half court basketball was the perfect solution.

Former players like Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups, Al Harrington, and last years MVP Joe Johnson, Stephen Jackson, show that the league has some of the best players that played in the NBA. With the pandemic causing almost everything to shutdown, leagues like the NBA can resume play when the shutdown is lifted. Problem is, everything has to follow a schedule. There is a reason the NBA and WNBA are in opposite seasons. The seasons overlap by about a month typically, when the WNBA starts the NBA is in the 2nd round of the playoffs. So if the NBA starts back, that will delay the WNBA and now The Big 3 will either be pushed back, or shortened maybe? It remains to be seen what actually occurs, but it would be nice to see the league keep its momentum.

With celebrity fans filling the front row seats, clear excitement, WNBA’s Lisa Leslie winning coach of the year, Ice Cube has clearly found something that will be around for a good while. There are many changes, and upgrades that can be added to the league for growth, I hope we will get to see another year of action from The Big 3. There were talks of a Big 3 reality hoops tournament partnering with “Big Brothers” producer, Endemol that will begin sometime in May, as per news on The Big 3 website itself, although there may not be a regular season, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out, because Ice Cube is always a step ahead of the game.

The Greatest of All Time

Boxing, to the average fan, has always been a sport most people associated with knockouts.

Anyone born in the 60s,70s, and even 80s were boxing fans in large part from watching Mike Tyson end fights before you could take your second sip of beer.

Older people always talk about how great Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali) was before he went to prison for refusing to go fight “the white man’s war”. The Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, and Roberto Duran Era, during the 70s and 80s, many boxing experts don’t give fighters of the welterweight division outside of that era of being one of the best or in fact the best.

When talking about the best fighter of all time, from my understanding that position is determined by your body or work, impact on the sport, success, and pure dominance of the sport. It isn’t supposed to be determined by what type of person you are outside of the ring.

The best record, combined with how many world titles you’ve won, how many world titles fights your were in, what was your impact, and how much money you made while doing that. There is one name that fits all of that and nobody it close. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

We all know what Floyd Mayweather did in the ring. 50-0, undefeated, barely lost rounds during fights, never officially been knocked down, although as a Floyd fan, I have to admit his glove did touch the canvas versus Zab Judah on that Judah left hand, never been knocked out, rarely got hit clean, and really was rarely challenged. Pretty boy Floyd in is 125,130,135 days was knocking heads off.

People talk about how Floyd runs and he doesn’t knock anyone out, he’s boring, but most people don’t know during the early 2000s Floyd was breaking his hands after every fight. He had really brittle hands, he had to figure out how to still dominate and save his hands.

People talked about how Floyd ducked fighters, or fought fighters when they were too old, or too young. All falsely created narratives, Floyd fought De la Hoya after he beat up Steve Forbes really bad and became champion again. Floyd beat Oscar and after the boxing critics say Oscar was too old. Manny Pacquiao beats him a few years later and gets praised for ending Oscars career. Floyd beat Sugar Shane Mosley after Mosley dominates Margarito, again comes the “Floyd fought Shane when Shane was too old, he ducked him before then”. Another false narrative.

Most people don’t remember when Floyd was calling out Shane Mosley, and Oscar De La Hoya in 1999, 2000 and they both told him he wasn’t a big enough name. Manny beats Shane Mosley a few years after Floyd did and he gets all the praise for beating an even older Shane Mosley. Matter of fact

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fought the same fighters for a stretch, with the exception of Floyd didn’t fight Anotion Margarito, and Joshua Clottey. The bother fought and beat: Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Juan Manuel Marquez, but the critics and Floyd haters swear he didn’t fight anybody.

Floyd then beats Canelo Alvarez. They say Canelo was too young.

Floyd beats Manny and they say Manny was injured and Floyd waited until Manny was old to fight him, when in reality Floyd is two year older than Manny. On top of that, Manny is the one who said no to the fight in 2011 because he said the random blood tests would make him weak for the fight if he got blood drawn within two weeks. Then he agrees to the tests years later.

Nobody found that odd on why he changed his mind on something that would supposedly weaken him before performing in a sport where you could be killed in? Floyd was the A side he deserved more money than Manny, Floyd’s pay per view numbers were way bigger than Pac Man’a during both their reigns.

Floyd learned that when he fought Oscar, he took the smaller pursue of 20 million while Oscar got 50-60 million, but its only wrong when Floyd does it. At the time Oscar was the pay per view king.

We haven’t even touched on the other part of this argument. We talked about Floyd’s dominance, his resume, we can add his 24-0 record versus current and former World champions, his perfect record, which is most all time, beat legendary fighters like Manny Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez, Sugar Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Oscar De la Hoya, Juan Manuel Marquez, Diego Corrales, and being the best defensive fighter ever, holding his opponents to an average of 17 percent of their punches landed on him, while he landed 43 percent of his punches.

The most difficult, most elusive fighter ever, all while being able to hit you when he wanted. His impact and how he changed boxing in terms of controlling your own career, promoting yourself and making the most money possible? Who else made 700 million dollars as a boxer? How many endorsements did Floyd have? None! Floyd made 700 million off of boxing. Yes he has other incomes, investments, businesses, but he made the most of his money off of boxing.

He was with Top Rank and BoB Arum, and fought on HBO. The 24/7 series HBO had that showed each fighters camps before the fight, and the overall build up, Floyd created that show. When Floyd left HBO, HBO went on a downward spiral. They don’t even show fights anymore because Mayweather took his business to Showtime, and now was making big purses, along with getting paid off of promotion, pay per view buys, and other ways.

Floyd has done everything in the ring to be called the greasiest ever, beat everyone, never loss, made the most money, changed the way boxing business is conducted, but most people don’t give it to him because of his flamboyant, luxurious lifestyle.

Most people don’t like Floyd Mayweather because they feel he don’t do enough charity or don’t give back to the community enough, or isn’t vocal politically, don’t speak on black issues. All of that may be true, but what does that have to do with what type of fighter he was or how good?

Floyd’s domestic violence case didn’t help his case either, him getting into it with his father and his estranged relationship with his father, and his antics building up the hype to a fight, Mayweather is hated on for reasons outside of boxing. Ali was great, beat everyone in front of him, but he had 5 losses. He was knocked out a few times. Some will hate that I wrote that, but those are facts.

Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Caesar Chavez, Roberto Duran, Rocky Marciano, Bernard Hopkins, Roy Jones Jr, Lennox Lewis, all great fights, but none of them are undefeated, none of them made a billion dollars off of boxing, none of them beat the most world champions, none of them can say they were never really challenged in a fight, while changing how boxers conduct business in boxing all at the same time.

I’ll say it once, I’ll say it twice, Floyd Mayweather, is the greatest of all time.!

People Deserve to Have Their Flowers While They Are Here, Not On Their Coffin.

Y’all gonna miss me when I’m gone. A simple, yet under-appreciated line, that has an ocean deep meaning to it. It’s not just saying, you will weep when I die or you will hurt, but you will miss me when I’m gone means one simple thing to me. You are gone forever and I will never get to touch, talk to or see you again.

Most people don’t really understand the concept of forever. I surely didn’t, losing my oldest sister Tomikka, when she was just 21 years old, myself being 14. Eighteen months later losing my mother when she was only 46 and myself being exactly a week shy of my 16th birthday. It’s been over 20 years since both passed, and I’ve recently have come to the understanding that I will never see them again in this life.

A lot of influential people have passed away, with a lot of people hating on them and just really being bitter towards them.

Michael Jackson Died with most of the world still talking about the children he was never found guilty of molesting. America has never been innocent until proven guilty. It’s the exact opposite.

Nipsey Hussle died before even scratching the surface of the impact he was going to have on the world.

Tupac Shakur, Prince, Kobe Bryant, just a list of recently passed on impactful people that have recently passed on. Then we have certain type of people who want to continue to talk about all of the bad things about an individual who was gone.

Gayle King, a perfect example, being a very successful, and well respected black woman who had been in media/journalism for decades, has an interview with Lisa Leslie, whom was very close with Kobe Bryant, she chooses to talk about the 2003 rape accusation on national television, just days after Kobe Bryant died. Don’t give me that she was doing her job, she was doing what she was supposed to do, any of that. Talking about that 2003 rape accusation that ended up being dropped, wasn’t going to make or break her career.

We have so many perfect people on this earth, how is it that we live in such a violent murderous world? I laugh when I hear someone call someone a liar because they were caught in a very significant lie, as if they didn’t just lie to their boss about taking an extended break, or as if they didn’t lie to get more money on their taxes. People lie all of the time. Lie to get jobs, certain benefits, lie conveniently, when it will fit the situation they are in. Soon as the lie is brought their way, it’s time to go on a rampage calling someone a liar. Point is, everyone on earth have some messed up parts of them.

While people are here on earth making a huge impact on the world, yes celebrities, but regular people, people in your family, community, church, whatever circle it is we have to start giving them their flowers while they are here. Ridiculing, and tearing down people for being humans and making mistakes, making it seem as if one bad thing you did in your life defines your whole life? We bury them while they are here and continue to crap on them while they are passed on tells me one thing. We are a sick human race.

Martin Luther King was a man who peacefully tried to bring the world together. He wanted equality for everyone. He was a man with compassion for the people and a great heart. But let’s just throw all of that out the window, and talk about how many women he slept with without his wife knowing. Even though we have absolutely not a drop of proof, no way of him defending himself, let’s remember him as a womanizer.

Nipsey Hussle was a man that was changing the inner city with his leadership, and unity driven approach. Bring bloods and crips together, uniting the blacks and Mexicans along with fellow Los Angeles rapper YG, with a line on their famous song “Fuck Donald Trump” “There wouldn’t be no USA without Mexicans/well if its time to link up then let’s begin/.

Tupac Shakur said that in 1995 as well, but Nipsey Hussle was taking action. He became a business man, and independently achieved stardom in the music industry, something that is not easy to do. He also continued to build his community up and try to advance his people. Let’s throw all of that out and highlight the fact that he was a gang member. Let’s talk about how horrible he was because he “probably killed or had a lot of people killed”.

Kobe Bryant, a man who set the tone for the next generation of not only athletes, but people in different types of fields of work. Mamba mentality is going to be used by many to achieve a lot of things going forward. Kobe Bryant, if you lived in California and was a Lakers fan, alone Bryant brought you a lot of happy times during his time playing. He also did community work, launching a foundation called, “Step Up” for homeless youth. Bryant was a very active dad of 4 girls, and has continued to mentor not only NBA players but athletes across the world.

Let’s forget about all of that, let’s talk about him being an adulterer, and him being a accused of rape. Let’s focus on that. We live in a mentally sick world where people don’t even see their own contradictions. People of faith, people who read out of the Bible, are often some of the most critical people. Not attacking them/us, but I say this because of personal experiences. Let me leave you all with a scripture. Matthew 5:28 says, “That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her in his heart.” Take that scripture and look at the context and literal and figurative meaning.

God isn’t only talking to men, he is talking to people. Not just about sex but about everything. If you have an non pure thought, and are seeing something with your eyes, it’s done in your heart which makes you no better than the person who wasn’t strong enough in that moment to engage in acting out those inner thoughts. Nobody is perfect, until this world learns that, it will remain sick.

People deserve to smell their flowers while they are here, not over their dead bodies while the casket is closed shut forever.

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