PolitiKan The Podcast “A New Era”

PolitiKan The Podcast: “A New Era”


The Pelicans are sitting on top of the Western Conference.Are the New Orleans Pelicans for real?

The NBA honored legends with six newly designed trophies named after the former players. Thoughts?

Kyler Murray, Trey Lance, Jimmy G, Matt Stafford, and Lamar Jackson all suffering from serious injuries. What do you think the NFL will do to try and keep their Quarterbacks healthy?

YSL Member GUNNA has been released. He plead Guilty To Racketeering Charge, and Denounces Gangs. Thoughts?

Kanas City, Boston, and St. Luis are all looking to offer reparations to their Black demographic’s. Unlike California these are cities not states. Will other states or the federal government get onboard?

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