Boskoe 100 vs Nina Boy Press Conference = Fade’s

The official Press Conference for 2 Madd 2 Boxx: Boskoe 100 vs Nina Boy went down in Los Angeles on May 6th.

This kicked off the press run for the boxing match that is set to take place June 26th.

2 Madd 2 Boxx is the first rendition presented by the 11 Eleven Network.

The tension between the two has been bubbling over for months now over discrepancies that started over the internet.

The crowd went crazy and the room was heated with back to back slurs amongst the two, looks like the two can’t wait to get in the rink with one another on June 26th BET Weekend.

Leading up to the fight, Politikan Broadcasting had the pleasure of attending the press conference.

Both parties were extremely disrespectful to each other.

Boskoe and Nina Boy exchanged words before the press conference, with the altercation nearly leading to a fight before the fight.

June 26th it goes down. The looser of this bout is sure to suffer humiliation.

This event is to push forward the Guns Down Gloves Up initiative.

Hopefully after the bout, these two men will have a mutual respect for one another. I guess on June 26th we will see.

2 Madd 2 Boxx: Boskoe 100 vs Nina Boy

Full Press Conference

Guns down, Gloves up Boskoe VS Nina Boy press conference.

While live performances were going on, Nina Boy and Boskoe got had words with eachother.

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