Corey Anderson Falls 3 Seconds Short Of Winning Two Belts and 1 Million Dollars.

Corey Anderson surprised the world dominating in stellar fashion in his match up versus Vedim Nemkov at Bellator 277.

After dominating in rounds one and two, the fight was stopped 3 seconds before the end of the third round due to an inadvertent head bunt by Anderson.

Anderson speaking on his dominance.

The head bunt cause a huge gash above Nemkov’s right eye also breaking his orbital bone.

Anderson reported the head bunt immediately causing the fight to be stopped with 3 seconds left in the 3rd round.

The official fight decision.

Bellator rules state that a fight has to last at least 3 round’s to qualify as a full match that can be in which the outcome can be be determined by the judge’s.

After a lengthy deliberation, the Gran Prix and Championship bout was ruled a no contest leaving no victor.

Anderson immediate reaction to the fight decision.

After the decision announcement, a now frustrated Corey Anderson proclaimed himself the champ believing that he did enough to earn the victory.

CEO Bjorn Rebney speaking on the Grand Prix outcome.

Two belts were on the line in this fight.

The heavy belt and the Grand Prix Tournament Belt.

The rematch will have to be set for a future date.

Anderson speaking on the outcome of the fight.

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