Paul George Returns Just in Time For The Playoff’s!

Los Angeles 3/29/2022 Paul George returned to the line up for the Los Angeles Clippers after suffering an elbow injury early in the season.

He had a night to remember with 34 points rallying the Clippers who at one point had a 25 point deficit.

December 22, 2021 was the last time the All Star played in a game.

Reggie Jackson has been holding the Clippers down all year leading them to multiple comeback victories.

With a revamped roaster and returning All Star players the Clippers roaster is looking nothing like the previous years.

With young talent like Terrance Mann and additions like Robert Covington, the Clippers are gearing up to make a deep playoff run.

Terrance Mann

After 3 months off, Paul George is showing the world that he is back with a vengeance!

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