Putting with Politikan: The Golf Beef Experience


Today, Feburary 9th, 2022 we are attending the annual celebrity golf tournament ‘GOLF BEEF’ by the OG, RMM Percy.

We are geeked to see and interview the participants.

Interview With Slink Johnson

The day started out with amazing sponsors, and some of your favorite celebrities ready to compete on the golf course!

Rodrick Music Marketing is run by Big Percy a head honcho in music, entertainment and sports.

Our team connected with so many people we are going to let the pictures tell the story!

The backdrop was full of black owned independent brands including one of Percy’s ‘True Legacy’ a brand of Vodka he is currently pushing.

The tournament started out with meet & greet and quickly got into competition details.

The team experienced announcements and shout outs to the sponsors and those who made a high point donation.

Then, the Tee-off happened which really got the crowd intrigued.

You ever wonder if your favorite celebrity is good at the sport.

Percy has brought out the best of the entertainment won’t and rookie golfing skills. It’s something about them both mixing well together.

Percy’s goal for this annual event is to get independent brands exposure by becoming a sponsor.

Enjoy the gallery of photos at the bottom of this post! Don’t miss the next Golf Beef event next year. Follow here.

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