Politikan at Sneakertopia LA!

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The team stepped out to Los Angeles this pass weekend to attend Sneakertopia. Imagine a world designed with all the things you love. Music, Food, Women, and SNEAKERS. We stepped into the building ready to interview and take names.

The event started January, 22nd 2022 called ‘Sneakers & Speakers’, partnering with Playstation Haven for a complete fantasy of dope backdrops and exclusive sneakers.

The venue was packed with workshops, celebrity appearances and special photo zones for the attendees. Just when you thought you’ve been sneaker wasted. Playstation Haven comes with the GTA V Festival for the biggest Grand Theft Auto fans.

The heavy hitters of both apparel and entertainment showed up. Upon arrival, the venue will give you an iPad if you do not have a iOS device. This is to experience the integrated technology in each room of the event.

The undeniable art displayed on the walls told the story of sneaker and sports history. Everything concerning the culture of sneakers. To be quite honest, this true heavy hitters were not the entertainment artist and known influencers but the street artist who set the bar for street art and the culture as a whole.

You’ll experience the full story on the culture of kicks. From the first pair of Converse All Stars created in 1917 to the McFly’s. So the question is, WHO PULLED UP to Sneakertopia?

Rapper, G Perico straight from Los Angeles, came to show love and perform for his fans during the festival. Check out the company’s instagram for more appearances.

The Playground:

Sneakers x Sports, a world of two most popular things in a mans world. Sports and kicks.Here is where you’ll find an exhibit of street courts that display some of the staples in sports history. Check out our instagram to see more content from Sneakertopia LA!

Artist Elijah Banx

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