Krita Cali Acclaimed Is Next Up Coming Out Wescoast

Being a west coast rapper from a street background will always be a special experience because of the west coast’s long history of successful rappers from both Northern and Southern California.

Krita_cali Acclaimed collaborated with Mozzy, another California rapper who represents Northern California, and created the track New Episode featuring Kiki Monet.

Listen to it below.

The New West!

On this track Krita is paying homage to all of the greats of the past that was from the west coast.

As he stated in our interview on the Higher Lurnin Podcast, guys like Tupac, Snoop, Daz, Kurupt, walked him home, but they didn’t know it. Listening to greats of the past as helped shape Krita into the artist he is today.

Da Uneek Way, Krita’s latest project has made some noise throughout the industry.

Big U, the man who had a huge hand in getting the late great Nipsey Hussle well known to the public, now runs Uneek Music with Krita-Cali leading the way as the artist he is most excited about as Big U stated in our interview at the Ace Magazine BET Experience a few months back.

Greatness in the making

Click the link below to see the conversation I had with Big U.

Krita-Cali Acclaimed has risen above it all and has a lot of goals set forth to propel not just himself but everyone around him to another level.

He did come by for a conversation and chopped it up with me on the Higher Lurnin Podcast.

To see, hear the full interview you can find it on Politikan radio, on all major audio platforms, or you can just watch it below but clicking the link.

It’s going to be a pleasure to watch as Krita-cali Acclaimed and Uneek Music ascend to the top and continue that west coast greatness.

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