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#SomethingPositive: ‘The Rubberband Man’ T.I. & Tiny Developing Affordable Housing in Bankhead ATL


Here’s some positive news in entertainment today. Back in Atlanta, GA, rapper T.I. and Tiny Harris has broken dirt in Bankhead, GA.

They are slowly revealing the process and progress of new projects.

By projects, I mean, their affordable housing projects.

As a veteran of the game and a chief in trap music, Clifford Harris has taken his stance as a student serious in the past.

Now, he is applying all that he knows and doing it with pressure and no remorse.

Usually its the other way around, the Karens and Kevins usually come into town and set up shop. Looks like there’s a new sheriff in town and it’s the TRAP KING himself.

Providing possible new job opportunities and best of all affordable housing for those in the community.

Click the link to check out his IG Post!

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