Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

Riverside’s own YG Millie looks to make a difference

YG Millie has a current goal the mimics very few other artists trying to establish themselves in the music industry.

He would like to help the youth more than anything. Be a source for peace, resources, or just an outlet for troubled youth.

Along the way music is one of many talents YG MIllie possesses to get him to the point where he can really impact the youth on a large scale.

In our sit down on the Higher Lurnin Podcast YG discussed Independence in music, family, being raised biracial in the the city of Riverside, California.

Young millionaire!

We will get into some of these, stories but for the rest you can watch the full Interview by clicking the video below.

YG Millie grew up in a biracial home in Riverside, California and he mentioned that he had a great childhood and that his parents did great job with him.

He also explained that being well off or even just comfortable financially, doesn’t mean that you do not face any struggles on your path to pursue your goals and dreams.

Some adversity that YG Millie has faced is his friend getting murdered when he was in his early twenties.

Being an emcee that likes to tell stories within his music, his best friend getting killed in a drive by, prompted him to drop the song paranoid with the knowledge of so many others going through similar things in the minority community. You can click below to watch the video Paranoid.


There is so much to know about this talented young brotha, I’m afraid you all will have to catch him on the Higher Lurnin Podcast on the Politikan youtube channel to get to know YG millie even better.

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