Maserati Blue Looks to cruise into the game


RIverside California raised Maserati Blue, looks to be the one to put the IE (Inland Empire) on the map when it comes to commercial success in hip hop.

From the streets to the studio, Mazi has had a rode full of peaks and valleys on his journey towards becoming an item in the game. Mazi caught two cases at different times that could have derailed or caused him to pivot from the mission and do something else. Having his own early gang ties also was something he had to use for positivity.

While remaining loyal to his hood, but realizing it’s almost impossible to be a gang banger and anything else such as an entertainer or business man, he himself explained there is a difference between a gang member and and gang banger. Mazi Made an appearance on the Higher Lurnin Podcast and talked in depth with Host Ronnie Howard about his Journey.

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Mazi Blue actin a foo!

Starting in 2005 and forming a rap group called “Paperboys” with his close friends and family, doing two jail bids, resuming his rap career, Mazi has a clear goal of ending street poverty and bringing money and the example of success back to his hood.

Deal wit it!

CFM, an acronym for Came From Nothing, is a brand he started and he now has merchandise available for purchase by reaching him on his instagram handle Maserati Blue. Lots of us can relate to the CFM brand as many of us minorities came from nothing.

Mazi even gave me a new perspective on different examples of came from nothing with different people in our sit down.

Although I think the struggles as an adolescent are very different when your struggles are financial, I was reminded that rich or well off people have struggles too that are different. Mazi is working on a new album, and you can check his video out, “Deal with it” below as well.


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