Cam Newton Released


Cam Newton has seemingly had a fast and hard fall from glory. Leading his Carolina Panthers to a 15-1 record and winning the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award just 6 seasons ago, to having a 7-9 season with the same Patriot group who is in the playoffs every season.

The Patriots released Newton, after praising him throughout last season even when he had bad games. Going with the youth movement for their QB1 position, rookie Mac Jones is taking over, so there is no room for Cam Newton.


Cam Newton is still very young for a quarterback. Quarterbacks can typically play into their late 30’s, some to their early 40’s and win Super Bowls like Tom Brady. Cam Newton at the height of his career in 2015 when he won the MVP award was never a pin point pocket passer. He has always had a very strong arm, but never had the accuracy consistently to match.

He had amazing athletic ability to go along with his 6’6 frame and 250 pounds of strength to lead a very effective running game all the way to the super bowl. As a player gets older, that athletic ability gradually goes away each year, so it wouldn’t be wise for Cam to depend on that to take him late into his career. Cam went on Brandon Marshall’s podcast and was quoted saying, “There aren’t 32 guys better than me” and shuns the retirement suggestions from everyone.

He may be right, but based off of numbers, and declining athletic ability how long can he proclaim that?

Vaccine a must?

The NFL is pushing for teams to get vaccinated. They have about a 50% vaccination rate amongst players right now. Non vaccinated players could cause teams to forfeit games in certain situations in the NFL. The NBA mandate has players who are non vaccinated potentially missing home games in States like California and New York.


The NFL being 68.7 percent Black, and the NBA 74.2% black, while the MLB a low 7% Black, and the NHL has only 26 black players out of over a thousand, why are the NFL and the NBA the 2 out of the 4 major leagues the ones with vaccination mandates? Is it a coincidence that the two leagues that have the mandates are the leagues full of Black players? Maybe this has nothing to do with Football in more than one way.

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