Simone Biles’ Mental Health Matters

Simone Biles sent shock waves through the sports world when she announced that she was withdrawing from the individual all around competition 2021 Tokyo Olympics. People began forming opinions as to why, how, when, if her decision was right, whether was selfish or not and people have even began to question whether she could be considered the GOAT, (acronym for greatest of all time) after making this decision. Everyone forming their opinions are talking without even asking the right questions or having the right concern. The real and only question should be, why would the greatest gymnast of all time, one the greatest athletes to ever walk this earth withdraw from the individual all around competition so suddenly? After repeatedly dominating in historical fashion?

Greatest of All Time

Simone hasn’t confirmed whether she will participate in competition for the rest of the events. Why does it matter so much as to why she made this decision? People emphasize fans, and how the competition won’t be as entertaining, makes one wonder what is this really about? Money or financial gain could be one factor, along with America proving its superiority over the rest of the world via a single sport of many at the games. America doesn’t need to dominate games to show its superiority over the rest of the world. Human life, when did it matter so less? Why does one have to explain taking off because of physical or mental ailments? I remember a GOAT of another sport retiring in the prime of his career from a sport that was a known fact at the time he saved from going under after Larry Bird’s career was cut short from injuries and Magic Johnson’s career cut short because of his contraction of the HIV virus. That GOAT I speak of is Michael Jordan. Michael retired after winning 3 straight championships, being the face of the league, while making history, to play baseball. Nobody was questioning his GOAT status or questioning his status because of his decision. I remember people being intrigued in his baseball career, not really faulting him for retiring in a team sport to pursue a career in baseball.

Greatness Personified

How dare Simone Biles look out for her own well being over being concerned about everyone and their feelings! How dare she make such a grown up decision without anyone’s permission? There is no secret about the superiority in athletics that Black people possess when it comes to athletics and physical competition. Going back to the slavery days when slaves were made to fight one another to the death in front of all of the slave masters for their sick entertainment. The loser dies and the winner lives to fight another day. Seems like not much has changed besides the fact that one can earn millions of dollars while entertaining everyone. Athletes are expected to be super human all because they have incredible gifts and talents that most people don’t. People don’t want to face the fact that athletes are human beings, that decision is really no different than a worker calling in sick no matter the occasion at work for a mental health day. Simone Biles exercised her right as an American citizen and has received a lot of unfair back lash. It was ok for Michael Jordan to retired so abruptly, but not Simone Biles? Black men faced our own struggles in America being at the bottom of the barrel, but it’s time we question ourselves as a country. Are black women even lower than us to the point where how dare they take a mental health day off at a job she is technically not being paid for? That’s another conversation that I am here for.

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