Sha’Carri Richardson Receives Endorsement Offer From Weed Vaping Company

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Sha’Carri Richardson was suspended for one month after testing positive for marijuana. She was the favorite in the women’s 100 meter race and on her way to a probable gold medal, which also leads to huge endorsements that ultimately could change ones life instantly. Being that the olympics only come around every 4 years, this opportunity gives a once in a lifetime type of vibe. Four years is a lot of time to go by, not knowing if one will maintain one’s health, drive, and hunger to get back to that point where that same opportunity will be there. There are opinions from all angles on the legitimacy of the rule on testing positive for marijuana. We all know marijuana isn’t a performance enhancing substance, hence the reason for its soon to be countrywide legality and decriminalization, but a rule was in place and one has to respect that rule.

Not being able to compete in the olympics for any athlete is devastating both mentally and physically. To physically train and mentally prepare to compete on the biggest stage for 4 years is very taxing to the body. Athletes who are favored gold medalists lose even more when not being able to compete. Possible endorsements for six, a lot of times 7 figures is life altering for anyone. Sha’Carri Richardson landed an endorsement offer from a Vape company worth $250,000 testing dab rings a vape pens for a cannabis friendly vape company. According to TMZ, a representative for DR. Dabber expresses sympathy for Richardson’s suspension. It then states, “At Dr Dabber, we believe that THC can actually have many positive effects on an athlete’s recovery and overall mental well being.” The truth about what THC can do for the body, and what’s perceived are two different areas. A $250,000 endorsement offer says there is a market in athletics for THC, but for some reason these resources aren’t legally available. Makes one wonder, are the athletes health and recovery time really in the people who are in charge’s best interest? Another topic for another article…

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