Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

Scoop Ellington Releases EP after 9 years!

Scoop Ellington, one of the Inland Empire’s best kept secrets, has finally came out of hibernation!

M-16 The Great, another Inland Empire artist making major noise, is heard on the intro of the album encouraging Scoop to blow the dust off of his microphone and get into the studio because people need to hear his music.

Scoop and other artists like him are really hard to come by in today’s game. Scoop Ellington, out of Rancho Cucamonga is a real “hip hop” artist with strong lyrics, slick metaphors and similes, crazy rhyming patterns with the ability to rhyme fast over a beat with the best of them. Scoop definitely aims to deliver messages through his music and has amazing, transparent story telling ability displayed on the intro to his EP “Make it Real” with bars that state, “My funds are less, second guess every loot that I spend around/ Im coming next write a few verses but never put them out/ wow, I think we left on love since we last spoke/ do more try less my best not a bad note/ I could rap so my only focus is cash flow/ I need a lot back to punching clocks I was that Broke/” Do more or try less was his last EP, in case that bar goes over anyone’s head.

Scoop Ellington being from the Rancho Cucamonga, California, yes it’s a real town not a fictitious town from the movie Next Friday, left us a west coast flavored track that sounds like the single on the EP. Watch the video above, Major moves gives you that skating rink, house party, cool west coast sound that is promised to get you on your feet grooving.

Major Moves is the first video off of the EP, and leads a host of fire tracks on display.

Its your time!

Again, Scoop is very transparent when he rhymes, allowing those who could relate to actual feel his lyrics on a personal level. One of his tracks, “You’ll Be Fine” Scoop rhymes, “Im sick tired of being tired of being broke/I need a house, I need a car, I need a boat/I need love, I need life, I need hope/I need ya’ll to tell me that I’m dope/Nope, I really don’t know what I need guarantee I could find online, live from the 909, plan my escape it was late but I’m right on time/” Paying homage to where he is from the the 909 reference was classy by Scoop representing for the IE.

I won’t spoil the rest of the album, go check it out on all platforms titled, “Before I Forget” and listen to the smooth, dope EP by Scoop Ellington. Special shout out to M-16 The Great for picking Scoop up out of the hip hop grave and giving us another gift for our ears and souls.

Scoop recently had his first interview on the Higher Lurnin Podcast out of Riverside Studios, brought to you by Politikan Broadcasting. Get to know more about Scoop’s story, his journey from Los Angeles to Rancho Cucamonga, and more by clicking the video below!

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