Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Rest In Peace Biz Markie

It has been a tired season in Hip-Hop. Beginning this year with deaths like Ruff Rydaz very own, DMX and Digital Underground’s leader, Shock G. I mean, the list goes on. Last week, we got confirmation that another Hip-Hop legend has earned its wings.

Marcell Hall famously known as Biz Markie was pronounced dead July 16th in Baltimore.

Let’s remember the artist by his fruits though. We’re so quick to find out and tell the world someone has passed as shock value.

Biz Markie is famous for his hit song, “Just A Friend”And his dope freestyle capabilites. 

This song song stayed on the top 40 for several weeks in a different countries. 

Biz Markie was a talented pioneer in hip-hop who we’ll never forget. As a beat boxer, he had the nack for turning Tricks with his lips. Making sounds that we’ve never heard before. 

But how did he get his name?  

Biz comes from the first hip-hop tape I heard. It was ’77, ’78, from the L Brothers. Grand Wizard Theodore was the DJ, and the rappers was Kevvy Kev, Master Rob and Busy Bee Starski. I loved Busy Bee. Busy Bee just stuck with me. My name used to be Bizzy B Markie, and after a while I put the Biz with the Markie. My nickname in my neighborhood was Markie.

Biz Markie

He made a special type of history in the music world. A different approach that created a household name. He was the bridge between hiphop and creativity. 

He passed from complications with Type 2 Diabetes. We wish his family and friends peace in the difficult time and transition of life. 


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