Covid-19 Spikes in LA

The country opening up this June was something southern Californians have been anticipating for a little over a year. Being locked down for so long with restrictions on how to get fast food, grocery shop with everything being off the shelves, normalcy would feel like its here with the restrictions being lifted. It has been reported this morning about the sudden rise in cases in Los Angeles County. With over 56% of the country already vaccinated, one would think we are in a good place when it comes to the handling of this virus. Was it too soon to open the country back up?

Common Delta Variation Symptoms

The new strain that is surfacing is the Delta Variation. Cases in Los Angeles County has risen dramatically, has caused the county to re-enforce the mask order for indoor events. One has to wonder if the surrounding counties should be proactive and follow suit and re-enforce the mask order among other rules to help stop the spread. Before the spike gets out of hand, going back to a restrictive order when going out may be the route to go to get this under control before it’s too late. What is going to make San Bernardino County enforce rules or take precaution, or preventative measure besides trying to enforce a vaccine that apparently half the country does not trust? Remember people, be aware, pay attention, wash your hands, wear a mask, and keep it at the front of your mind the severity of this virus, and be responsible because you may feel you are okay, but others may not be as well as you.

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