Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Dave is Back!

Are you a secret movie and show bluff like me, then you’ll know that there are some good shows and some that need to simply retire. Well, I found a show that I actually like and it’s inspired by music! Lil Dicky has offically come back with season two of Dave.

Yes, I’m out here catching up on the second season. They’re 4 episodes in and I still have to binge watch Black Lightening before Insecure comes out. Im all out of order.

But on the real, if you have not gotten into Dave then you should consider it quirky, real, and funny. A little awkward too.. yea, add that in there. I think that’s what kept me. So I encourage you all to check it out. Have a little laugh, a little side eye, a little confusion.

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