Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Power of Influence: A Music & Media Conference

Politikan Crew! We’ve had a busy weekend but all worth the while. We got invited to one of the most influential nights in the industry. A pleathora of artist hit the stage to showcase their talent to four of the most heavy hitters in the industry. I mean, you pretty much had to know somebody who knows somebody to get into this exclusive event.

Well, Politikan was there! In the flesh!

The many artist that attended gave their best performance along with interviews provided by our team and many other media outlets. The building was filled with Big Percy, BigU, Dicso Rick, and Baby Ced.

All of these kings hold a special place in the music industry. From Big U being Nipsey Hussle’s mentor and manager at one point. To Big Percy managing the legendary Snoop Dogg in his recent past. We had the privilege of interviewing almost everyone! 

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