Is youtube wrong for protecting yg?

It seems like the mecca of video streaming is standing tall for west coast rapper, YG. If you aren’t caught up on the injustice happening in America today then you must have turned off all forms of communication, locked your front door and have been under your covers for too long. From one injustice to another, we can’t seem to get a break. No matter who you are, where you are from, and what you believe in. There is going to some type of way to create a problem. It went from the world pandemic to black lives matter to now a good ol’ completely unjust and unecessary agitation in the Asian community.

How does YG fit in the equation, you ask? In recent news, the Compton artist is getting heat for his mini-movie “Meet The Flockers.” The contents of the video promote violence against the Asian decent. It visually explains how to perform a successful burglery into someones home. Specifically, Asians. Why not the white folk or the mexcians? It doesn’t matter. We all now why.

Youtube is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. The U.S. takes one a small percentage of the viewership on the site and this is a problem. Watch what you put out, it can definitely be exposed to millions of people across the world.

Well, here is a video exposing an unacceptable form of violence and Youtube will not budge after the request of it’s removal.

My real questions is, “why?”

How much is this content bringing in for YouTube? Does it meet all the requirements and was chiefly passed by some underdogs at the company? So many questions as to why it is not being pulled, yet it is not only being brought to attention by employees of the established platform but the world around them. So what is really going on with the motive of keeping this video up? Is YouTube really that insensitive and janky? Read more about the story here.

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