PolitiKan Per Usual “Virtual Concert’

Performance Scene from New Orleans Prodigy JR King 24

As we at PolitiKan Broadcasting Network look to ramp up thing in 2021 we launched our first of mini Livestream Concert of the year. Featuring the likes of up an coming artist Ellis Isaiah, R & B sensation Senoj Soul, and The prodigy JR King 24.

The vibes were real as each of them brought their own unique sound and style to the line up. With the pandemic hitting the music world by storm, artist are in desperate need media outlets. We at PolitiKan are here to provide.

They say that we are doing to much. I say that we haven’t done enough.

“I do not know what you are going to do, but I’m going to get to it!” Kalum Vaughns

Kalum Vaughns

Freelance journalist, podcaster, entrepreneur, author and philanthropist.

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