How many times you should watch ‘coming 2 america’

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It’s Monday, you’re recovering from the weekend or your weekend was pure blissful rest. Whatever it was, I hope it was safe and COVID free!

As you should know, unless you are living under a covid rock… There was a special release in the urban space. A long anticipated release. I mean, if you are black at any capacity, you were excited for the premier of ‘Coming 2 America’.

This past Friday, Amazon Prime released the sequel of the classic movie, “Coming to America” starring Eddy Murphy, Arsenal Hall, and a pleathora of actors that we couldn’t wait to see make the film.

But there was an issue…

Most of the people (our people) did not leave exciting reviews. I’ve heard many low reviews about the movie and it perplexed me.

So how many times should you actually watch ‘Coming 2 America’ to get the full effect? It sounds crazy. But every movie should be watched at least 3-4 times just in case you missed something or didn’t understand a scene. That’s exactly what it took to achieve the greatness of the sequel to the classic.

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