Covid prohibits Cannabis testing in the NBA?

Covid-19 has permanently changed our world. The disease has made us make adjustments in how we eat, shop, do business, and every other major decision involving public interaction. This deadly disease has proven to be a Segway to things the leaders of this country and the businesses of this country has been wanting to incorporate into the world. The NBA has decided for the second consecutive season against testing players for marijuana. The NBA must have noticed the sudden dominant play by players like Jamal Murray, Jimmy Butler, Luka Doncic and are pleased with how players were recovering after games. The NBA is an intelligent business with pride the size of a mount. They are not ready to join the rest of the country and admit they were wrong about marijuana. Or they have figured out how to cash out on its relation to athletes.

Athletes have been lighting it up during season for quite some time. Former players like Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington, Kenyon Martin have all been on record saying they smoked during the season. Kenyon Martin was even quoted in a article saying 85 percent of players smoke weed. How true that is unknown, but it seems like the perfect time for the NBA to jump on board and not test players for weed. Covid-19 is an excuse to do it, meanwhile you bet your bottom dollar the NBA behind the scenes are preparing to capitalize off of this. All of the major brands are being put on notice of the decriminalization of marijuana federally is right around the corner. Benefits of players playing high is marijuana’s ability to subside pain, aches, and make recovery time shorter than it has to be. Indica is a strain of weed, that has a side effect of making you sleepy, and enhancing the quality of your sleep. Players are going to perform better with shorter recovery time and more time and quality of sleep. that in itself is going to be marketable to the players.

Anyone who does research and self education knows that there is no harm to your body ingesting marijuana, and the country is finally about to let up on those who partake, whether medically, recreationally, or whether you are a teacher, a priest, or even yes a professional athlete. The cannabis business is a trillion dollar business, projecting well into the future and signs like this shows us all of the big players in business, including the NBA are finalizing their plans to monetize and cash out marijuana. I am really looking forward to watching players play under the influence of cannabis. Looking forward to the greatness of it and the few Jr Smith moments that will occur over the course of a few games.

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