As we all know, Jhene and Mila J are successful artist in the music industry. They are 2 of five sisters in their family. Unfortunately their sister Miyagi passed away in 2012, but Jhene still manages to be a mother and maintain her fame life as well as Mila J as an Aunt.

Jhene and Mila J were both birthed in Los Angeles California Slauson Hills. Mila J has stated in her songs multiple times that she loves where she grew up, and raps about all the good memories she had.

Jhene said herself that she starting music at the age of 5. Of course she wasn’t really being serious, but she always had that taste for music since she was very young. She started off as a writer. She wrote essays, poems, diary, and journal entrees. It got to the point where she took everything that she wrote and turned it into a song. Jhene has multiple personalities that she puts in her songs, and that’s what is so special about her.

Both of these artist have also stated multiple times in their music that they smoke weed. Jhene was introduced to marijuana in her teenage years. She grew up as a teenage pothead. Now she claims that she doesn’t smoke as much because she needs to be productive and likes to be in her state of mind. Mila J on the other hand is all for it. She smokes all the time while Jhene smokes probably twice a month. Jhene rolls papers and Mila J rolls blunts.

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