Friday, January 28th, 2022

So-Cal artist Lewy hit’s the reset button after blessing the world with his new visual.

Fresh Out of Sylmar, California is multifaceted artist Lewy.

His smooth melodic flow is the draw, with a soothing harmony mixed with creative song composition his talent shines bright every time he blesses the mic.

During our recent in studio interview I asked Lewy what was his definition of success. He responded “Giving 120%. Leaving it all out on the field.”

I wouldn’t expect anything less from a man on a mission.

With a diverse catalog that features singles like Zinclair, Summer Daze, and Baila the So-Cal artist has proven he is a force to be reckoned with.

His single Graduation Season foreshadows him achieving all his goals thru hard work, dedication, and pure will power.

It’s as if he’s starring at the world thru his review mirror.

During our sit down Lewy describes the visual for the single Reset as Murphy’s Law comes into effect as everything goes wrong for the artist.

With a cameo from Actor Danny Trejo, and amazing drone footage, his message remains clear.

It’s time for us all to hit the reset button.

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