Kanye West The God/ Billionaire

Kanye West joins Jay Z and Diddy on the list of Hip Hop Billionaires.

With a net-worth of a estimated $1.4 billion according to Forbes, Kanye West has silenced his critics.

After publicly endorsing President Donald Trump, Kanye was ostracized by the hip hop community.

Struggles with mental health, as well has a highly publicized feud with his once mentor Jay Z raised criticism about the rappers future.

Kanye’s monumental resurgence began with a revaluation. Turning his life over to Jesus Christ, he vowed to never perform secular music again.

He then began hosting his own church services. Kanye’s Church quickly became a heralded destination, visited by many of Hollywood’s elite.

Now he has cemented his legacy, joining Jay Z and Sean “Diddy” Comes as Hip Hop Billionaires.

Kalum Vaughns

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