People Deserve to Have Their Flowers While They Are Here, Not On Their Coffin.

Y’all gonna miss me when I’m gone. A simple, yet under-appreciated line, that has an ocean deep meaning to it. It’s not just saying, you will weep when I die or you will hurt, but you will miss me when I’m gone means one simple thing to me. You are gone forever and I will never get to touch, talk to or see you again.

Most people don’t really understand the concept of forever. I surely didn’t, losing my oldest sister Tomikka, when she was just 21 years old, myself being 14. Eighteen months later losing my mother when she was only 46 and myself being exactly a week shy of my 16th birthday. It’s been over 20 years since both passed, and I’ve recently have come to the understanding that I will never see them again in this life.

A lot of influential people have passed away, with a lot of people hating on them and just really being bitter towards them.

Michael Jackson Died with most of the world still talking about the children he was never found guilty of molesting. America has never been innocent until proven guilty. It’s the exact opposite.

Nipsey Hussle died before even scratching the surface of the impact he was going to have on the world.

Tupac Shakur, Prince, Kobe Bryant, just a list of recently passed on impactful people that have recently passed on. Then we have certain type of people who want to continue to talk about all of the bad things about an individual who was gone.

Gayle King, a perfect example, being a very successful, and well respected black woman who had been in media/journalism for decades, has an interview with Lisa Leslie, whom was very close with Kobe Bryant, she chooses to talk about the 2003 rape accusation on national television, just days after Kobe Bryant died. Don’t give me that she was doing her job, she was doing what she was supposed to do, any of that. Talking about that 2003 rape accusation that ended up being dropped, wasn’t going to make or break her career.

We have so many perfect people on this earth, how is it that we live in such a violent murderous world? I laugh when I hear someone call someone a liar because they were caught in a very significant lie, as if they didn’t just lie to their boss about taking an extended break, or as if they didn’t lie to get more money on their taxes. People lie all of the time. Lie to get jobs, certain benefits, lie conveniently, when it will fit the situation they are in. Soon as the lie is brought their way, it’s time to go on a rampage calling someone a liar. Point is, everyone on earth have some messed up parts of them.

While people are here on earth making a huge impact on the world, yes celebrities, but regular people, people in your family, community, church, whatever circle it is we have to start giving them their flowers while they are here. Ridiculing, and tearing down people for being humans and making mistakes, making it seem as if one bad thing you did in your life defines your whole life? We bury them while they are here and continue to crap on them while they are passed on tells me one thing. We are a sick human race.

Martin Luther King was a man who peacefully tried to bring the world together. He wanted equality for everyone. He was a man with compassion for the people and a great heart. But let’s just throw all of that out the window, and talk about how many women he slept with without his wife knowing. Even though we have absolutely not a drop of proof, no way of him defending himself, let’s remember him as a womanizer.

Nipsey Hussle was a man that was changing the inner city with his leadership, and unity driven approach. Bring bloods and crips together, uniting the blacks and Mexicans along with fellow Los Angeles rapper YG, with a line on their famous song “Fuck Donald Trump” “There wouldn’t be no USA without Mexicans/well if its time to link up then let’s begin/.

Tupac Shakur said that in 1995 as well, but Nipsey Hussle was taking action. He became a business man, and independently achieved stardom in the music industry, something that is not easy to do. He also continued to build his community up and try to advance his people. Let’s throw all of that out and highlight the fact that he was a gang member. Let’s talk about how horrible he was because he “probably killed or had a lot of people killed”.

Kobe Bryant, a man who set the tone for the next generation of not only athletes, but people in different types of fields of work. Mamba mentality is going to be used by many to achieve a lot of things going forward. Kobe Bryant, if you lived in California and was a Lakers fan, alone Bryant brought you a lot of happy times during his time playing. He also did community work, launching a foundation called, “Step Up” for homeless youth. Bryant was a very active dad of 4 girls, and has continued to mentor not only NBA players but athletes across the world.

Let’s forget about all of that, let’s talk about him being an adulterer, and him being a accused of rape. Let’s focus on that. We live in a mentally sick world where people don’t even see their own contradictions. People of faith, people who read out of the Bible, are often some of the most critical people. Not attacking them/us, but I say this because of personal experiences. Let me leave you all with a scripture. Matthew 5:28 says, “That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her in his heart.” Take that scripture and look at the context and literal and figurative meaning.

God isn’t only talking to men, he is talking to people. Not just about sex but about everything. If you have an non pure thought, and are seeing something with your eyes, it’s done in your heart which makes you no better than the person who wasn’t strong enough in that moment to engage in acting out those inner thoughts. Nobody is perfect, until this world learns that, it will remain sick.

People deserve to smell their flowers while they are here, not over their dead bodies while the casket is closed shut forever.

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