King of L.A

Lebron James shook up the entire NBA when he took his talents to Hollywood and joined the Los Angeles Lakers.

Playing in the eastern conference for his whole career and completely dominating it with his superior skills and most of the time having the best roster out east.

He took on the challenge of leaving the inferior conference and showing everyone he can win out west. What was viewed as a business move to most, was actually a little of both. Lebron James is a smart man, who is very calculated. He knows how big it would be for his legacy to win a championship in Los Angeles.

He may never get 6 rings but he knew a ring out west in L.A would boost his legacy to further goat talks. In the wake of the passing of the late great Kobe Bryant, and with the paused season that gives him additional rest to be fresh for the playoffs, Lebron has a huge chance in proving he’s the king of L.A.

Standing in his way is Kawhi Leonard who was raised about an hour away from L.A and returned home after leading the Raptors to their first championship last season. Kawhi dissed Lebron James and the Lakers only to pull Paul George away from the Thunder and form his own squad with the cross town Los Angeles Clippers.

Kawhi and Lebron do have history. They faced off in the finals twice with Lebron winning the first with a dominant game 7 in 2013, and Kawhi winning 2014, both taking finals MVP.

With Kevin Durant and Steph Curry injured Lebron and Kawhi are arguably the two best players in the game both playing in L.A. If the NBA season returns we have a special showdown for the king of L.A. with the winner favored to win the whole thing.

Either Lebron will elevate his status in the all time rankings and become a Laker legend, or Kawhi will win his 3rd ring, and officially take over as the next guy to challenge the throne of “greatest of all time” and King of L.A.

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