Wildcats With The Wild Win

Josh Johnson caught fire in the second half on his way to a four-touchdown performance resulting in a 41-34 victory against the Tampa Bay Vipers.

Carson, California The Los Angeles Wildcats officially improve to 2-3 halfway through a 10 game season.

The Wildcats were down 24-6 by halfway through the second quarter. They fell into a deep hole early. The crowd was deflated as Tampa Bay seemed to be preparing for a blowout victory.

But Josh Johnson, The Wildcats quarterback, lead the teams resurgence as the Wildcats rallied back into the game. Scoring 21 unanswered points to take the lead 27-24.

The Wildcats defense really stepped up in the fourth quarter by essentially sealing the win with a recovered fumble that resulted in a touchdown with five minutes remaining in the fourth.

Los Angeles found themselves up 41-34 at the end of the game. After Tampa Bay marched down the field for what looked like a game tieing touchdown, The Wildcats defense sealed their fate with an end-zone interception. Tampa Bay’s attempted rally was negated.

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